Until the Full Number of the Gentiles Has Come In


It is assumed by the earth's inhabitants that things happen in life by chance or by the wits of men, which is far from the truth. There is a living God who's name is I AM, who made the planets, the stars, the earth, and everything in the earth. He knows the beginning and the end of all things. This same God who is the one and only God/I AM have created all things and knows all things. Therefore, He knows what has happened in the past and what will happen in the future. 

Because this all-knowing God (who is perfect in all his ways) delights in telling mankind what will happen in the future I am sent forth as a Prophet, a mouthpiece of I AM to reveal His plans and future events to you the reader. I AM wants it to be made clear why many of the Caucasian Race has been sentenced to death by War and the remnant left alive will be going into slavery.

I AM made a promise to his chosen people that whoever curses them will be cursed and whoever blessed them would be blessed. The Caucasian Nations cursed the chosen people of I AM therefore they are now cursed people. The Caucasian Nations not only cursed the chosen nation of Israel but a faction of her people set up a roadblock, stumbling block and systems to prevent I AM's chosen nation of Israel from excelling. 

Caucasian, in collusion with other nations, conspired to hide the identity of Israel and stole her land preventing Israel from returning back to her land. For these actions I AM has passed this sentence on the Caucasian/ Gentile nations.

 The Lord your God will put all these curses on your enemies who hate and persecute you.  

Deuteronomy 30:7

What curses? All the Curses which came upon the Children of Israel for their disobedience,

the curses of Leviticus 26, and the curses of Deuteronomy 28:15-68.


The Season of the Gentiles/ Caucasian is over.

Just as there are Seasons of the year, most people have no idea that there are various Seasons in the life of men in the rise and fall of nations, in the rise and fall of cultures, in the rise and fall of a people. Understanding the Time and Season in which we are in and the Season which we are embarking upon will profit many men greatly. To ignore the changing Season is to embrace disaster in one's life.

What is a Season?

A season is a division of time when certain events will occur. In this case, it is a time when a certain group of people will excel and propel. It can be said that it is, "Their Time."

A Season has a beginning and an end. the Caucasian/Gentiles Season began when Jesus was rejected by Israel 2000 years ago and it ended when Israel 400 years of slavery in America ended on August 20, 2019. At the completion of a Season of a Nation, judgment and punishment occur based on the actions of the people in control in that season.

Gentiles who we will show later are Caucasians/White people who had a Season (Limited Time Period) to rule and reign on the earth. In one's Season, they prosper in every area of life, financially, materially, militarily, etc. It is as if everything they touch when it is their Season nothing can go wrong.  But we must remember, a Season comes and a Season goes. 

It appears that the Season of the Gentiles/Caucasians started when our King Jesus walk planet Earth, that Season lasted 2000 years.

Our King Jesus/Yeshayah made a statement:

They/Israel will fall by the sword and will be taken as slaves to all the nations. Jerusalem will be trampled on by the Gentiles until the times/SEASON of the Gentiles is fulfilled. 

Luke 21:24

Jesus, as the Great Prophet is declaring a Season. Major Prophets declare a change of Seasons so that the world will know what I AM is doing and saying so that mankind can make the necessary changes in their life to adjust to the coming Season. So, what is Jesus/Yeshayah saying? He's foretelling the rise of a Season and a fall of a people in the same statement. Yeshayah is saying  Israel/Negroes will fall and go into slavery all over the world and Gentiles/Caucasians will rise for a set period of time/a Season. Jesus is saying the Season of Caucasians to rule and reign is at hand/beginning. But, He is also saying when Caucasian's occupation of Jerusalem ceases it will signify the end of the Season of the Caucasian rule.



We are in the midst of the change of Seasons, the changing of the guard sort of speak. This transition will be the greatest change in the earth since our King, our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ/Yeshayah our Messiah walk the face of the earth.

Specific Kingdoms will rise and Specific Nations will fall, it is all written in the pages of the Manuel of Man call the Bible.

Like reading the pages of a News Paper ahead of Time, the Bible foretell events before it happens not just after events occur.

Invest in the Real Nation of Israel.





Answer: Caucasians.

Genesis 10:1-6 Explain who Gentiles are and what bloodline they originate from.

All Gentiles are from the bloodline of Noah's son Japheth,

The Bible clearly shows that ONLY Europeans or White people are the Gentiles

Who Are Gentiles?

The sons of Japheth are the Gentiles consisting of all the nations mentioned in Gen 10: 2-4  

Ashkenazi "Jews," make up 90 % of those occupying the land of Israel. The bible clearly shows that the children of Ashkenazi are Gentiles who are just another group of Caucasians pretending to be Israel. Therefore, Jesus's words are true; Jerusalem is occupied by Gentiles and the Season of the Gentiles/Caucasian reign is at the end of its season.

Genesis 10:1 Now these are the generations of the sons of Noah, Shem, Ham and Japheth: and unto them were sons born after the flood.  

2 The sons of Japheth; Gomer, and Magog, and Madai, and Javan, and Tubal, and Meshech, and Tiras.  

3 And the sons of Gomer; ASHKENAZ, and Riphath, and Togarmah.


4 And the sons of Javan; Elishah, and Tarshish, Kittim, and Dodanim.  

5 By these were the isles of the Gentiles divided in their lands; every one after his tongue, after their families, in their nations.

Jesus prophesied that Jerusalem would be trodden down by the Gentiles until the “times of the Gentiles” are fulfilled. 

The Times of the Gentiles means the Season of their reign. 

Gentile Occupation of Jerusalem

 After this Season of the rise, rule, and fall of Gentiles who are Caucasians, Israel will rise again. How do we know this? 

Daniel Chapter 2:44. 

With that thought in mind, very soon we will see an invasion on the land of Israel to rid the land of Gentile occupation described in Zechariah 1:18-21. 

Therefore, Gentiles are indeed occupying Jerusalem today and pretending to be Israel.

This occupation of the children of Japheth was also prophesied by Noah saying:

Let God extend Japheth; let Japheth dwell in the tents of Shem; 

let Canaan be Shem's slave. 

Genesis 9:27 CSB

Ashkenazi "Jews" are really Gentiles

 So, Japheth descendants, the Ashkenazi Gentiles who lie and say they are "Jews" but are not are truly fulfilling many scriptures that are bearing witness to their lying treacherous blasphemy.

John 8: 44, Revelations 2:9, 3:9,  Genesis 10:1-5, Genesis 9:27, Zechariah 1:18-21

Seasons and Times

 To everything there is a season, and a Time to every Purpose under the heaven: 

A time to Get, and a time to Lose; a time to keep, and a time to cast away; 

Ecclesiastes 3:3, 6

Gentile/Caucasian Downfall

 Gentiles/Caucasians Gained wealth in their Season of reign and now they will lose everything in the new season of Israel's reign. Another thing: Caucasians, in their Season of Reign, cursed the Negro Nation of Israel so now the Curse of I AM is falling upon Caucasians. This is not a statement of racism as many who will say while reading this, it is a statement of fact and warning in this transitional moment. It would be wise to at least try to make it right with the Negro Nation of Israel and the God of Israel instead of continuing in rebellion and insults. Why? Because you will be at the mercy of Israel very soon, and that if you survive the coming wars being sent to punish Caucasians for their wicked actions perpetrated against the Negro Nation of Israel. 

Apostle to the Gentiles

Paul, an Apostle sent to the Gentiles who are Caucasians made a statement – 

I don’t want you/Caucasians to be unaware of this SECRET, brothers, and sisters. That way you won’t think too highly of yourselves. A part of Israel/Negroes has become resistant UNTIL THE FULLNESS OF THE GENTILES/CAUCASIAN COME IN

Romans 11:25 CEB

What is the SECRET the Apostle Paul was referring to? Negroes fell but they will rise again when the Gentile Season is over. When enough of you Caucasians have come into the Kingdom I AM will restore Israel who is Negroes. Then Gentiles who are also the Ashkenazi "Jews," pretending to be Israel/Negroes will be thrown out of the Land of Israel.

Zechariah 1:18-21 

In Paul's missionary journeys, did he go to African Nations? No, he went to places we call European Nations today. He went to the Gentiles/Caucasians.

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The problem we have is; satan and his wicked children the fake, counterfeit "Jews" who are Ashkenazi Gentiles are pretending to be Israel. have distorted the right view of the whole world concerning the Nation of Israel. They have muddied the water, sort of speak so that we cannot understand what is happening.

Satan's children who are Gentiles are pretending to be Israelites but Jesus exposes them in his statement: 

Jerusalem shall be occupied by Gentiles until the Season of the Gentiles is over. 

Confession of a Fake "Jew."

On October 10, 2012, former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger held a Press conference and said:  

“In 10 years, there will be no more Israel.” 

I repeat: “In 10 years, there will be no more Israel.” 

Why did Henry Kissinger make this statement? Because he is a servant of satan and he knows that the fake state of Israel who consists of Gentiles masquerading as Shemites will end to make room for the return of the true Nation of Israel. The fake state of Israel formed in 1948 by the United Nations is a fraud. The present fake state of Israel is not made up of the true descendants of ancient Israel. They are impostors pretending to be Israel.

This group of Ashkenazi Gentiles has committed National Identity theft.





Gentiles, you are about to LOSE EVERYTHING!

Your Season is over! This is the warning message before everything is taken from you. Just as Israel/Negroes lost everything so will ALL Caucasians who are Gentiles lose everything.

You can argue, you can fuss, you can protest but, it will change NOTHING. In my love for all mankind, I am sent to warn you. 


The Spirit of Pharaoh



Gentiles, your reign is over and what awaits Caucasians is Judgment and Slavery. 

Like Pharaoh your heart is hard, you think nothing can touch you. You say, "We have all the weapons, no one can defeat us." You foolishly believe that you are invincible, but I AM is about to launch a campaign of terror upon you that will bring you to your knees. 

You will NEVER rise again.

You are about to murder one another in a killing frenzy, that's the punishment of 

I AM on you for your arrogance and what you did to Israel.

 Because you say, no one can defeat you, and you have amassed great amounts of weapons to destroy everyone else especially the true Nation of Israel, you will defeat you.

And your enemies/Caucasians, crazed and desperate, will turn on themselves,  killing each other in a frenzy of self-destruction. Then everyone will know that I, I AM,  have saved you—

I, the Mighty One of Jacob.” 

Isaiah 49:26 MSG


Do you want to receive Mercy? Did you show Mercy?

"Happy are those who are merciful to others; God will be merciful to them! 

Matthew 5:7 GNT

Caucasians, if you want I AM to have any kind of mercy on you and your children, Invest in the real, true nation of Israel who is the Negroes you hate. Your Season is at the end and Israel is rising to the top. Nothing can stop this Season of the fall of Caucasians and the rise of the Negro Nation of Israel. 

Caucasians, prepare for a major transition. 

Pull your assets out of World-Systems and reinvest them into the rising 

Kingdom of Israel/Negroes.





Stop investing $Billions in the Ashkenazi "Jews" who are Gentile occupying Jerusalem while pretending to be Israel,they are the ones who are corrupting the earth and ushering in the New World Order. 

Remember, Jesus said they are the children of Satan.

John 8 :44

The Word of I AM says of Israel/Negroes:

I will bless those who bless you, and whoever curses you I will curse.

Genesis 12:3a

Caucasians/Gentiles have you Blessed the Negro Nation of Israel who is the true children of Israel? 

Caucasians/Gentile have you blessed the fake Ashkenazi Gentiles who Jesus said are the children of satan who are pretending to be Israel? 

Caucasians/Gentile have you blessed those who say they are "Jews" but are not but are the synagogue of satan? 

John 8:44, Revelations 2:9, 3:9

Prepare for your Reward!

Thank you





The Curses ARE NOW upon Caucasians




Leviticus 26:14

Punishment for Cursing and Enslaving Israel

 14 “But if you don’t obey me and all my commands, bad things will happen to you. 

16 I will cause terrible things to happen to you. I will cause you to have disease and fever. They will destroy your eyes and take away your life. 

You will not have success when you plant your seed. 

And your enemies will eat your crops. 

17 I will be against you, so your enemies will defeat you. 

These enemies will hate you and rule over you. 

You will run away even when no one is chasing you.

18 “I will punish you seven times more for your sins. 

19 And I will also destroy the great cities that make you proud. 

The skies will not give rain, and the earth will not produce crops. 

20 You will work hard, but it will not help. 

Your land will not give any crops, and your trees will not grow their fruit.

21I will beat you seven times harder! The more you sin, the more you will be punished. 22 I will send wild animals against you. 

They will take your children away from you. 

They will destroy your animals. 

They will kill many of your people. 

The roads will all be empty.

24 I will also turn against you. I—yes, I myself—will punish you seven times for your sins. 25 I will punish you. 

I will bring armies against you. 

You will go into your cities for safety, but I will cause diseases to spread among you. 

And your enemies will defeat you. 

26 I will give you a share of the grain left in that city. 

But there will be very little food to eat. 

Ten women will be able to cook all their bread in one oven. 

They will measure each piece of bread. 

You will eat, but you will still be hungry.

 28 I will really show my anger! I—yes, I myself—will punish you seven times for your sins. 29 You will become so hungry that you will eat the bodies of your sons and daughters. 30 I will destroy your high places. I will cut down your incense altars. 

I will put your dead bodies on the dead bodies of your idols. 

You will be disgusting to me. 

31 I will destroy your cities.

 I will make your holy places empty. I will stop smelling your offerings. 

32 I will make your land empty. 

And your enemies who come to live there will be shocked at it. 

33 I will scatter you among the nations. 

I will pull out my sword and destroy you. 

Your land will become empty, and your cities will be destroyed.

34 “You will be taken to your enemy’s country. 

Your country will be empty. 

So your land will finally get its rest. 

The land will enjoy its time of rest. 

35 During the time that the land is empty, it will get the time of rest that you did not give it while you lived there. 

36 The survivors will lose their courage in the land of their enemies. 

They will be afraid of everything. 

They will run around like a leaf blown by the wind. 

They will run as if someone is chasing them with a sword. 

They will fall even when no one is chasing them. 

37 They will run as if someone is chasing them with a sword. 

They will fall over each other—even when no one is chasing them.

“You will not be strong enough to stand up against your enemies. 

38 You will be lost in other nations. You will disappear in the land of your enemies. 

39 So the survivors will rot away in their sin in their enemies’ countries. 

They will rot away in their sins just as their ancestors did.

This Message comes as a Warning !

You will experience the Curse of Failure


The Curse of an Enemy Nation

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The Season of the Gentiles/Caucasians is over, now what await them is misery and heart ache. What most people did not understand was that Caucasian were prosperous because it was their SEASON.  Caucasian will now understand the great hardship that we Negroes have suffered for over the last 2000 years when it was not our Season.

Curses of DEUTERONOMY 28 16-68

Cursed in the City

Cursed in the Field

Cursed in the Field


 16 “The Lord will curse you in the city and in the field. 

17 He will curse you with empty baskets and pans. 

18 He will curse you, and you will not have many children. He will curse your land, and you will not have good crops. He will curse your animals,and they will not have many babies.  He will curse your calves and lambs.

19 He will curse you at all times in everything you do.

20 You will have frustration and trouble in everything you do. He will continue to do this until you are quickly and completely destroyed. He will do this because you cursed Israel. 

Cursed in the Field

Cursed in the Field

Cursed in the Field


 21 The Lord will send you terrible diseases until you no longer exist, until you are completely gone from the land.

22 The Lord will punish you with diseases, fever, and swelling. He will send you terrible heat and you will have no rain. Your crops will die from the heat and disease. All these bad things will happen until you are destroyed!  

23 There will be no clouds in the sky—the sky will look like polished brass. And the ground under you will be hard like iron. 

24 The Lord will not send rain—only sand and dust will fall from the sky. It will come down on you until you are destroyed.

Curse your Basket

Cursed in the Field

Cursed your food basket


 25 “The Lord will let your enemies defeat you. You will go to fight against your enemies one way, but you will run away from them seven different ways. The bad things that happen to you will make all the people on earth afraid. 

26 Your dead bodies will be food for the wild birds and animals. There will be no one to scare them away from your dead bodies.

27 “The Lord will punish you with boils, like those he sent on the Egyptians. He will punish you with tumors, sores that run, and an itch that cannot be cured. 

28 The Lord will punish you by making you crazy. He will make you blind and confused. 

Cursed your food basket

Cursed your food basket

Cursed your food basket



29 In daylight you will have to feel your way like a blind man. You will fail in everything you do. Again and again people will hurt you and steal from you. And there will be no one to save you.

30 “You will be engaged to a woman, but another man will have sexual relations with her. You will build a house, but you will not live in it. You will plant a vineyard, but you will not gather anything from it. 

31 People will kill your cattle in front of you, but you will not eat any of the meat. People will take your donkeys, and they will not give .

Cursed coming out

Cursed your food basket

Cursed coming out



 them back to you. Your enemies will get your sheep, and there will be no one to help you 

32 “Other people will be allowed to take your sons and your daughters. Day after day you will look for your children. You will look for them until your eyes become weak and blind—but you will not find them. And God will not help you.

33 “A nation that you don’t know will take all your crops and everything you worked for. People will treat you badly and abuse you. 

34 The things you see will make you go crazy. 

Cursed going In

Cursed your food basket

Cursed coming out



35 The Lord will punish you with sore boils that cannot be healed. These boils will be on your knees and legs. The boils will be on every part of your body—from the bottom of your feet to the top of your head. 

37 In the countries where the Lord will send you, the people will be shocked at the terrible things that happen to you. They will laugh at you and say bad things about you.

caucasian curse of failure

Curse, everything you Touch

Your Children will be Hungry

Curse, everything you Touch



38 “Your fields will produce plenty of grain. But your harvest will be small, because the locusts will eat your harvest. 

39 You will plant vineyards and work hard in them. But you will not gather the grapes or drink the wine from them, because the worms will eat them. 

40 You will have olive trees everywhere on your land. But you will not have any of the oil to use, because the olives will drop to the ground and rot. 

41 You will have sons and daughters. But you will not be able to keep them, because they will be captured and taken away. 

42 Locusts will destroy all your trees and the crops in your fields. 

43 The foreigners living among you will get more and more power, and you will lose the power you had. 

44 The foreigners will have money to loan you, but you will not have any money to loan them. They will control you the way the head controls the body. You will be like the tail.

Poverty and more Poverty

Your Children will be Hungry

Curse, everything you Touch



45 “All these curses will come on you. They will keep chasing you and catching you, until you are destroyed, because you cursed Israel. 

46 These curses will show people that God judged you and your descendants forever. People will be amazed at the terrible things that happen to you.

47 “The Lord your God gave you many blessings. But you did not serve him with joy and a glad heart. 

48 So you will serve the enemies the Lord will send against you. You will be hungry, thirsty, naked, and poor. He will put a load on you that cannot be removed. You will carry that load until he destroys you.

 49 “The Lord will bring a nation from far away to fight you. You will not understand their language. They will come quickly, like an eagle coming down from the sky.  

Your Children will be Hungry

Your Children will be Hungry

Your Children will be Hungry


50 These people will be cruel. They will not care about old people or show mercy to young children.

51 They will take your animals and the food you grow. They will take everything until they destroy you. They will not leave you any grain, wine, oil, cattle, sheep, or goats. They will take everything, until they destroy you.

52 “That nation will surround and attack your cities. You think that the tall, strong walls around your cities will protect you. But those walls will fall down. The enemy will surround all your cities everywhere in the land the Lord your God is giving you. 

53 You will suffer very much. The enemy will surround your cities. They will not let you have any food. You will get very hungry. You will be so hungry that you will eat your own sons and daughters—you will eat the bodies of the children the Lord your God gave you.

Cursed what you Touch

I AM will Drive you Insane

Your Children will be Hungry



54 “Even the most kind and gentle man among you will become cruel. He will be cruel to his family, and he will be cruel to his wife he loves so much. And he will be cruel to his children who are still alive. 

55 He will have nothing left to eat, so he will eat his own children. And he will not share that meat with anyone—not even the other people in his own family. All these bad things will happen when your enemy comes to surround your cities and make you suffer.

56 “Even the most kind and gentle woman among you will become cruel. She might be a lady so gentle and delicate that she never put her feet on the ground to walk anywhere. But she will become cruel to her husband she loves so much. And she will be cruel to her own son and daughter. 

57 She will hide and give birth to a baby. And she will eat the baby and everything that comes out of her body with it. All these bad things will happen when your enemy comes to surround your cities and make you suffer.

Curse on Caucasian Seed

I AM will Drive you Insane

I AM will Drive you Insane



58 “You must obey all the commands and teachings that are written in this book. And you must respect the wonderful and awesome name of the Lord your God. 

59 The Lord will punish you and your descendants with terrible diseases. He will cause you to suffer illnesses that have no cure. And you will find no relief for your misery! 

60 He will bring on you all the diseases you saw on Negroes that filled you with fear, and you will not be able to avoid them. 

61 The Lord will even bring troubles and diseases that are not written in this Book of Teachings. He will continue to do this until you are destroyed. 

62 You might have as many people as the stars in the sky. But only a few of you will be left,because you cursed Israel.

63 “The Lord was happy to be good to you and to make your nation grow. In the same way the Lord will be happy to ruin and destroy you. You are going to take that land to be yours. But people will take you out of that land! 

I AM will Drive you Insane

I AM will Drive you Insane

I AM will Drive you Insane



64 The Lord will scatter you among all the people in the world. He will scatter you from one end of the earth to the other. There you will serve false gods made of wood and stone. They are false gods that you or your ancestors never worshiped.

65 “You will not have any peace among these nations. You will have no place to rest. The Lord will fill your mind with worry. Your eyes will feel tired. You will be very upset. 

66 You will live with danger and always be afraid. You will be afraid night and day. You will never feel sure about your life. 

67 In the morning you will say, ‘I wish it were evening!’ In the evening you will say, ‘I wish it were morning!’ This will happen because of the fear in your heart and the terrible things you will see. 

68 The Lord will send you back to Egypt/slavery in ships. I said you would never have to go to that place again, but he will send you there. In Egypt/slavery you will try to buy yourselves from your enemies, but no one will set you free as a people.”