We are broadcasting the message of I AM reuniting back with Negroes.

After 2000 years of alienation from our God, I AM we are now being called to Assemble for a reunion.

I AM is ready to bring His Woman back home to live with Him.

The US Government testifies to the fact that we have been on American soil for 400 years as strangers.


We are living in the greatest time since the establishment of the Covenant between our forefather Abraham and I AM. After our ancestors failed to keep the Covenant agreement we are being called in this season to establish a New Covenant with our God I AM with more perks. What an awesome reunion.


Attendance is a  MUST for All "African-American" Churches. All churches shall assemble in their own Church facilities and link into the broadcast via, Facebook Live, Periscope.  etc.

The Big News

I AM is giving His people CRITICAL DIRECTIONS and INSTRUCTIONS to preserve them as He prepares to pour out His wrath on the Nations of the world beginning with the United States of America.


Is this meeting mandatory? 

Answer:  Yes

How long will the meeting last? 

Answer: This is a Special all-day, one day event called by I AM /God. It will last until after Prophet Travis Refuge delivers the message which he will deliver at 7 pm PST.

What if I do not attend?

Answer: I AM will personally hold you responsible. 

What will happen to the people calling themselves "Jews" who are occupying the land of Israel?

Answer: According to Zechariah 1:18-21 I AM is sending 4 Workers to run them out of Israel's land.

How will the message be conveyed to everyone?

Answer: Social Media: Periscope - Facebook Live and You-Tube Live

How can I help?

Email us at: