We Will Be 

  *Repenting for our sins and the sins of our ancestors. 

  Joel 1:14 

*Seeking directions from I AM as a people.  

Isaiah 55:6-7

*Expecting I AM to retract the cup of his anger and wrath which He has made us as a 

people to drink and give it to those who hate and oppress us the Negro Nation.

Isaiah 51:22, 23 MSG

 *Expecting I AM to forgive us for our sins and the sins of our ancestors as requested.

  2 Chronicles 7:14, Isaiah 49:1-2

*Expecting I AM to place upon us and seal us with His seal of identity and crown us with His glory and

righteousness that all may see that we are His chosen people who are called by His name.  

Revelations 7

*Expecting our God /I AM to reunite with us and we unite with Him in Holy perpetual alliance.  

Isaiah 42:12-16 MSG

*Expecting to see an instant turnaround  in the heart and lives of our people 

propelling us from the bottom of society to the top, after a New Covenant is established.

Isaiah 61:7

     *The execution of judgment on our enemies. 

Gen 15:14, Isaiah 61:2, 49:26 

*Petitioning our God I AM for redress for hundreds of years of free 

labor which America refuses to acknowledge and pay reparations.

Genesis 15: 

*Calling on our God to redress the mass incarceration of our Negro people.

Isaiah 61:1 


*Calling on our God to redress the murder of our people by 

police officials and those in the position of power.

Zechariah 11:5

* Petitioning for the redress of our God in relationship to the consistent establishment of systems

incorporated by those in a position of power to keep us from excelling and propelling. 

Deuteronomy 30:1-10


 * To recognize that only I AM can change our plight in life because He is our God and source.

Isaiah 40:29-31


What do Negroes expect to gain from this Mighty Move of I AM and our reunion with Him?

  *Celebration of freedom from slavery and liberation from our captors.*


*A life as in the Garden of Eden.*

 Isaiah 51:3 ERV, Jeremiah 29:11-14

*Peace and fellowship with our God.*

Isaiah 32:18 NIV, Jeremiah 32:37